Professor Periklis Andritsos
Département des systèmes d'information
Quartier UNIL-Dorigny; Internef-138.3
CH-1015 Lausanne
periklis.andritsos@unil.ch  | +41 21 692 34 29

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Spring 2016 (Lausanne): Web-scale Analytics
Spring 2016 (Lausanne): Business Intelligence and Analytics

Fall 2015 (Lausanne): Modèles informatiques
Spring 2015 (Lausanne): Business Intelligence and Analytics

Fall 2014 (Lausanne): Web-scale Analytics

Winter 2014 (Toronto): INF1343 Data Modeling and Database Design

Winter 2014 (Toronto): INF2190 Data Analytics: Introduction, Methods and Practical Approaches

Fall 2013 (Toronto): INF1003H Information Systems, Services and Design

Fall 2013 (Toronto): INF1340H Introduction to Information Systems